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Pregnancy Induced Body Changes That Can Impact Mental Health

The body changes in numerous ways when pregnant. Below are three common and often uncomfortable experiences in pregnancy that many don't talk about and doctors don't often check for and that can effect your mental...

In grayscale, the side view of a heavily pregnant woman. Her belly is the focal point and she wraps her arms around herself, covering her more »

Feelings I experienced when expecting spontaneous twins and how to manage them (the feelings, not the twins)

The first emotion I experienced was shock. Hearing the ultrasound tech at my 8 week appointment nonchalantly tell me, “Baby A is ...” What. The. Hell. Laying there, I laughed in disbelief. The shock slowly...

Katie's twins, around two years old. They're sitting on the dining room floor, at home, eating dinner. They're wearing matching shirts: some elves in red hats with the text 'tis the season' underneath. Their empty plates have plenty of crumbs; their sippy cups are in front of them. Twin A (on the left) has food in her hand, and is smiling at someone who is to the left of the camera. Twin B is actively eating - mid-bite - and he is looking at the camera. The background is messy. We can see a mostly empty hamper and clothes strewn about the more »

Chicago Resources for Twin Parents

Dear Chicago parent who is expecting twins, In regards to in-person supports for parents of twins, I found them lacking in Chicago proper. There are groups (i.e. Multiples of America) who have subgroups/clubs across the...

Katie's newborn twins. They're wrapped up to their necks in white hospital blankets, decorated with tiny handprints in various colors. The infants are facing each other with their eyes closed. We can see one twin's tiny hand poking out from underneath the more »

Mothers of Twins at Higher Risk for Perinatal Depression and Anxiety

Perinatal mood and anxiety disorders are the most common complication of pregnancy and childbirth. Stats vary depending on your resource: 1 in 5 mothers experiences a mental health condition, including depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder...

Woman sitting with her back against a bed. She is crying, obviously in distress, and has her hand on her forehead. Her eyes are more »

Contemplation on Core Counseling's 2nd Birthday

The name Core Counseling encompasses the whole person — mental, emotional, and physical. When I reflect on the past 2 years, I think about the blow to all three dimensions of my core. The mental...

Katie, sitting on the floor at home, her legs out in front of her. Her left arm wraps around her toddler, who looks like she's eating something. The toddler isn't fully stationary; her left arm is blurry. Katie's right arm is wrapping around one of the twins, helping her to stay 'standing' up. She looks happy. The other twin is in front of Katie, on his tummy, looking up at the more »

Mom Guilt

Recently, many mothers I've been working with have shared the guilt they carry in the transition to becoming a mother for a second time. Guilt can show up in a variety of situations, whether it's...

A woman with a baby on her chest, kneeling down and comforting a small child. All are wearing hats. They're on a light brown path and there are evergreen trees in the more »

Getting Your Needs Met

In my work with clients, something I often hear is that people aren't asking for what they need in their relationships. This frequently leads to dissatisfaction and discord in the relationship. A common misconception about...

A couple in love. The woman is behind the man, with her arms coming over his shoulders and resting on his chest. Neither of them are looking at the camera. She's kissing the side of his head. He is smiling and his head is turned to the more »

Mindfulness Challenge: Breathe

Inhale, two, three, four. Exhale, two, three, four. Today you're encouraged to focus on the breath as a grounding point. At least once today, take five to ten deep, slow breaths, inhaling and exhaling through...

Six geometric shapes, each is a bit larger than the one before it. The largest is an octagon; the smallest is a triangle. They are nested inside one another. Text above the shapes reads 'sync your breathing with this'.read more »

Mindfulness Challenge: Fresh Lens

Find a part of your daily routine when you can take a moment to incorporate mindfulness. Perhaps even challenge yourself by identifying a part of your day that's not your favorite. For me, commuting is...

Woman wearing a backpack, an off-white hat, and winter jacket with her back facing the camera. She is downtown in an unknown city, waiting to cross a small intersection. There is snow falling and snow on the more »

The Power of Breath

Breath is essential to life. It is the first thing we do when we are born and the last thing we do when we leave. In between that time, we take about half a billion...

Pink neon sign reading 'and breathe', surrounded by lush, green more »
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