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Mindfulness Challenge: Fresh Lens

Woman wearing a backpack, an off-white hat, and winter jacket with her back facing the camera. She is downtown in an unknown city, waiting to cross a small intersection. There is snow falling and snow on the ground.

Find a part of your daily routine when you can take a moment to incorporate mindfulness. Perhaps even challenge yourself by identifying a part of your day that’s not your favorite.

For me, commuting is a necessary evil, providing an ideal opportunity for regular mindfulness practice. Nearly daily, and especially during the winter, I pick a part of my commute during which to be more present. When I first began this practice, I imagined that I was visiting from a foreign country and had limited time to explore my surroundings. This new lens enabled me to soak in aspects of my daily commute with a fresh perspective. I began to notice details of buildings and entryways, as well as unique sounds, both man-made and natural. Instead of walking with my head down, in my own mind about all the things I have yet to do and feeling miserably cold, damp and tense, with a small shift and simple mindfulness practice, I was able to seemingly escape and became grateful for a part of my day that I’d previously found tiresome. Nothing about my commute had changed, but my presence, perspective and willingness to be more present.

Today I encourage you to view a part of your day through a fresh lens, as though you’re visiting a place or having an experience for the first time. Notice, even if just for a brief minute or two, what you see, hear, smell, and feel.

Written by Katie Hibey, LCPC, CYT


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