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Closeup of skeleton pelvic model.

Pelvic Floor Therapist Recommendations for Perinatal Pelvic Floor Concerns

Katie's twins, around two years old. They're sitting on the dining room floor, at home, eating dinner. They're wearing matching shirts: some elves in red hats with the text 'tis the season' underneath. Their empty plates have plenty of crumbs; their sippy cups are in front of them. Twin A (on the left) has food in her hand, and is smiling at someone who is to the left of the camera. Twin B is actively eating - mid-bite - and he is looking at the camera. The background is messy. We can see a mostly empty hamper and clothes strewn about the ground.

Feelings I experienced when expecting spontaneous twins and how to manage them (the feelings, not the twins)

Katie's newborn twins. They're wrapped up to their necks in white hospital blankets, decorated with tiny handprints in various colors. The infants are facing each other with their eyes closed. We can see one twin's tiny hand poking out from underneath the blanket.

Chicago Resources for Twin Parents

Woman sitting with her back against a bed. She is crying, obviously in distress, and has her hand on her forehead. Her eyes are closed.

Mothers of Twins at Higher Risk for Perinatal Depression and Anxiety

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