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Contemplation on Core Counseling's 2nd Birthday

Katie, sitting on the floor at home, her legs out in front of her. Her left arm wraps around her toddler, who looks like she's eating something. The toddler isn't fully stationary; her left arm is blurry. Katie's right arm is wrapping around one of the twins, helping her to stay 'standing' up. She looks happy. The other twin is in front of Katie, on his tummy, looking up at the camera.

The name Core Counseling encompasses the whole person — mental, emotional, and physical. When I reflect on the past 2 years, I think about the blow to all three dimensions of my core. The mental strain from the constant change and unpredictability. The emotional strain from all the uncertainty, the alarm, the fear, the intolerance, the powerlessness, the languishing, the grief... And the physical strain on my core from giving birth via C-section to 38 week old twins.

Strength, determination, flexibility, and resilience next come to mind. Mentally, I’ve become more agile and flexible, learning to hold plans more loosely which allows for a smoother shift when the situation changes. Emotionally, my familiar feelings zone has expanded as I’ve been in touch with new depths of emotion, which in the moment feels pretty painful. I also hold a sense of gratitude as I learn new things about the world and myself. Physically, my core has healed and with intentional attention, it continues to grow stronger each month. The human body amazes me and I have daily reminders of its capabilities.

Overall, the past two years have been a forceful reminder that it’s the moments in between the milestones that matter. I objectively acknowledge the blows to my core and, aligned with Core Counseling’s mission, choose to continue caring for my core, creating and recreating stability and flexibility.

Written by Katie Hibey, LCPC, CYT


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